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Whether you seek one-on-one support, want to offer an unforgettable group wellness experience, or desire a group yoga practice with a teacher who has *you* in mind – I’m ready for you. 

Before I implemented the therapeutic yoga techniques that Anna shared with me, I struggled a lot with physical, mental and emotional pain. Once I became willing to make my practice a priority, I could see very clearly that my everyday aches were a physical manifestation of emotional pain. I highly recommend you listen to what Anna has to say – and if you jive with this woman, work with her. She is a special human, a patient teacher, and holds a safe space for me. I know she will do the same for you.

- Heather T.           

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Who Is She?

Anna Gingrich is a former obstacle course trainer + nutritionist, turned therapeutic yoga teacher,  who specializes in one-on-one support for students of all ages, genders, experience levels and backgrounds. She’s obsessed with making yoga accessible for all humans, no matter their experience or goals.

Using her training in various therapeutic modalities, Anna successfully helps her students experience the benefits of yoga – and build skills to support them throughout all life stages. She is obsessed with making yoga enjoyable – and more importantly, safe and approachable for all her students. 

An avid prop user, Anna will teach you how to successfully use blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and chairs in your yoga practice. She believes that it’s most important for people to meet their bodies where they are NOW – and props create the space for that. After working with her, you can expect to experience a sense of relief, ease, relaxation, support, and a feeling of lightness. 

Anna has made it her mission to create a space that is fun, safe, and healing for her students. She believes all humans are deserving of love, respect, and feeling GOOD in the body they are in right now.

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Based in Austin, TX 


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Anna came to our Airbnb and did yoga for a small group. She brought all materials - mats, straps, blocks and blankets. She brought everything neatly in a suitcase, wore a mask and gave an amazing session. Our group was mixed - very experienced to beginners and she was able to adjust to the group's needs. Great pricing, fantastic session, very responsive. Would highly recommend.”

- Krista H.          

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