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Accessible Yoga Services    Private + Group Classes    In-Person & Online

Therapeutic Yoga Services for Everyday


Accessible Yoga Services    Private + Group Classes    In-Person & Online

If you don't feel like you belong in most yoga spaces – you’re not alone. 

With countless yoga studios, class styles and teachers to choose from... 

How would you know if you were in the right place? 


Wouldn't it be nice if you found a teacher who...  
  • Was approachable and down to earth?
  • Took the time to understand you and your intentions? 
  • Could teach you in a way that was both educational and fun?
  • Could help you build sustainable skills and practices?


Good news... YOU FOUND HER! 

Hi, my name is Anna Gingrich!  


I’m a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher who's (a little bit) obsessed with helping everyday people practice yoga safely, wisely and confidently. 

Y’know, people like you… who want the benefits of a yoga practice without the toxic positivity, contortion, or expensive pants. (I mean they’re cute… but not totally necessary.)

Unfortunately, most group yoga classes are taught from a fitness lens. What was meant to be a relaxing, stress relieving experience results in exactly the opposite.  

A therapeutic yoga practice is a tailored experience that considers where you are now, where you'd like to be, and uses that information to guide your path. 

This is the journey I take with each of my clients.

Get To Know Me Better
I like to keep things *flexible*

 so here’s how I can show up for you...

Private Yoga Sessions 

Skip the random class schedules and sequences. Whether you’re looking for a monthly membership, a more specialized container, or private group yoga sessions - I’ve got your back. Each practice is level-appropriate, safe, and includes assistance and feedback in real time.

This is perfect for you if you: 

  • Want to move beyond Youtube yoga or public group classes to build a long-term practice
  • Have an injury, surgery or any chronic pain condition which affects your quality of life, and you want tailored guidance
  • Want to offer a unique and customized yoga experience for your corporate retreat, bachelorette party, or other group event 
Private Yoga Sessions
Public Group Yoga Sessions

Get the therapeutic yoga experience without the one-on-one setting. Whether you want live virtual yoga classes, an online library of on-demand yoga classes, or to join me for public in-person yoga classes in Austin, TX -- I'm ready to meet you! All of classes are infused with a therapeutic framework.

This is perfect for you if you want:  

  • To expand beyond typical group yoga settings and experience a more embodied group class approach
  • A slower paced group class where you can feel and explore each shape, and connect with your breath more deeply
  • To incorporate foundational movement skills, nervous system regulation techniques and breathing practices to support your overall wellness routine
Public Yoga Classes

Anna has a natural ability to quickly assess and tune into the needs of her students. She can modify a yoga pose or series to maximize the benefits of the practice. Anna was able to release tension in my lower back and hips that I didn’t think was possible. It was an extraordinary release and experience.”

- Elena M.           
You should feel like yourself in your yoga practice.